This article, even though short, has really opened my eyes to a new way that could reform urban education. There are factors such as social, political, economical, and racial issues that surround the achievement gap present in many urban schools. This article touches on the suggestion that future teachers need to be taught and trained how to teach in real life situations such as urban environments. There needs to be a partnership between the univerisities and colleges that are training future teachers in which they prepare them to teach in real life education school systems and stop just training them with the traditional middle-class, everything is so lovely, public environment.

This made my mind turning as I have not really thought  about changing teacher-prep programs to help deal with urban education issues. Programs are now infusing more diversity issues as America is a big melting-pot of diverse students and learners. But, in a way I see how teacher prep-programs do cater towards training future teachers for the perfect job environment. I think that altering teacher prep-programs for the students who want to teach in an urban enivronment could be useful. However, I think since urban education is in such a bad state as it is in now that including more real-life situation aspects and teaching environments to a teacher pre-program would have positive results. I think that changing the teacher-prep programs seems to always face opposition. I can see how reforming the teacher prep programs to tailor towards urban, inner ciy and poor students, could change the course of these types of education systems. Urban schools need highly-qualified and compasionate teachers for the students to start triving in those environment. Read this website and see if anything sparks into your mind about changing teacher preperation programs to help urban schools.


Choosing to teach in the inner city or in the poorest parts of the country is viewed as admirable in some circles and crazy in others.  There are programs like TEACH that encourage people to teach in the most challenging communities in the country by giving college students grants in return for them teaching in struggling areas. There are also people who choose to teach in the most challenging areas of the country because they recognize that the need is great and they have a desire to address that need.

No matter what brings you to the doors of an inner city school or any other struggling area of the country, the unique challenges that will greet you each day will sometimes test your personal commitment and even your sanity. In an effort to preserve your sanity, I ask that you care for yourself today so that you can continue to care for the leaders of tomorrow.  If you do not care for yourself first, you will not be around to nurture and educate the leaders of tomorrow.

And a good teacher is too valuable to waste.