clipart_computersWhat role will we, as teachers, play in Technolgy and Education Reform? Are we ready and willing to utilize all that technology; particularly the World Wide Web, has to offer in assisting us to prepare students to participate, compete, and thrive in the world today and tomorrow? What are our technological skills? Do we view computers and the internet as someone elses domain? Have we stayed current with technology? Can we navigate the Web? Do we blog? Do we Tweet? Do we even know the meaning of these terms? Do we care? If we do not not care, then we should.

“Technology is the core and essential to the strategies we are using to reform education.” This comment was made by Jim Shelton, Assistant Deputy Secretary for Innovation and Improvement at the United States Department of Education while addressing a meeting of the State Educational Technology Directors Association.”

As reported by Geoffrey H. Fletcher in an article from The Journal, “Obama Administration: Technology at the Heart of Education Reform”,  He cited the four assurances that are at the core of ARRA educational funding-college and career ready standards, preK to college and career data systems, improvements in teacher effectiveness, and providing intensive support for low-performing schools–and said you can’t do any of the four without technology, especially helping students in low-performing schools.”

Flether also stated that Aneesh Chopra, Chief Technology Officer at the White House, said that technology in education is less about hardware and software and more about what we teach, the method in which we teach it, and professional development and support for educators.

If we ourselves are not technologically prepared, if we are not participating and contributing by incorporating technology into how we teach, then we will not be able to prepare our students to participate, contribute, and compete in the world.
If we are not preparing students to participate, contribute and compete in the world, then we are not doing our job.

Get connected.

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