Choosing to teach in the inner city or in the poorest parts of the country is viewed as admirable in some circles and crazy in others.  There are programs like TEACH that encourage people to teach in the most challenging communities in the country by giving college students grants in return for them teaching in struggling areas. There are also people who choose to teach in the most challenging areas of the country because they recognize that the need is great and they have a desire to address that need.

No matter what brings you to the doors of an inner city school or any other struggling area of the country, the unique challenges that will greet you each day will sometimes test your personal commitment and even your sanity. In an effort to preserve your sanity, I ask that you care for yourself today so that you can continue to care for the leaders of tomorrow.  If you do not care for yourself first, you will not be around to nurture and educate the leaders of tomorrow.

And a good teacher is too valuable to waste.