Part 3



Three writing spaces


  • E-mail
  • Rough draft
  • Microsoft word




Technology has changed since the 18th and 19th century. The 21st century has improved a great deal on technology since the pencil. The computer world has taken over and is trying to make writing with the pencil extinct.  The e-mail is a great technology, you can write someone in China and they will receive the e-mail in a matter of minutes, you can also receive a response back in minutes as well. Writing has taking a new approach because of the computer and different software. On the computer there is a software called Microsoft Word, which has a lot of new writing technique that helps writers take short cuts. In Microsoft Word you can cut and paste and erase without seeing the mistake.  Also in Microsoft Word you can change your font size and page setup.  On the other hand before you type your final paper, you can write a rough draft.  A rough draft helps you think of ideals and subtitles to organize your paper.  It also can help you to outline the paper for better organization and keep your paper flowing in chorological order.  According to J.D. Bolter all these are consider refashioning remediation that occurs when technology has advanced.




                The computer is a part of technology that no one really pays attention to, all the technical background stuff like: WWW, http, and html.  Some people do not even question the symbols and what they mean and why?  Some do not care and others just don’t pay any attention to that kind a stuff. In reading the article “The World-Wide Web” it was so helpful and knowledgeable for people like me who did not know what those symbols really meant.  It was fascinating to find out the definition of the symbols. It was helpful to know that the symbol http was a prefix for Hypertext Transfer Protocol. There are some many sign and symbols that can be helpful and knowledgeable for people who are on the internet.

book diversity

This was a book that I used during my first semester into a program offered through Camden County College and Rowan  University for Elementary Education/ Writing Arts majors. The book talks about diversity in the inner-city schools and is a recommended read for all entering into the teaching field.


In the inner city schools there are teachers that have to deal with multicultural issues. The teachers themselves have to be educated on different cultural background knowledge and then they have to educate their students. Multicultural education and school reform is a process of comprehensive school reform and basic education for all students. This is a challenge that affects everyone. There are at least seven characteristic of multicultural education such as: antiracist education, basic education, and social justice, just to name a few. This helps students and teachers to be ant discriminatory toward each other.  In the inner city school being antiracist and discriminatory means being mindful of how students are being treated.  Diversity is important to everyone and it shows the students that their culture matters. There is racism and discrimination polices in the school system for the protection of students. Everyone deserves an equal and fair education. However, in the inner city school system there has been a miscommunication or misunderstanding on equality, because the inner city school does not receive equal education. This has been the argument and controversy for years on this issue.



            In the urban inner-city school district funding is low compared to the rural areas. According to C.N., Selfe argues that schools who serve primarily poor students and students of color have little access to computer use and knowledge. This is harmful to our children because everyone should be treated equal. On the other hand, children that have use of computers are more likely to advance in school and at the workplace. In examining our children’s social life on technology and literacy we are all responsible to give every child the best education possible. The Government issues out funds to help every student learn computer literacy.  The misunderstanding comes from why are the inner city students suffering if the funds were giving to every school district? Our children are the future and as they are growing up, we as adults should give them the best education and knowledge to enhance their self worth.

However, if we better our children education they will have the opportunities to land good jobs and have good health.


Why is there so much suffering in the inner city school district? Does anyone care? What can Americans do to resolve this issue?  As an American we should be giving all students equal education regardless of their environment. Our Government has failed our children because they’ve allowed this behavior to continue for so many years. Most politicians speak on the issue but nothing is ever done. It makes you believe that it’s a conspiracy on the inner city children.  Why do minority children get broken or old used computers to use in the classroom, why white children get brand new computers in their classroom? This is not fair according to the Constitution rights that everyone should be treated equal.  Some of the inner-city children feel that nobody care about their education and that breaks down their incentive and motivation.  . Therefore I believe that equality is a major factor within our education system.

I feel one of the most serious problems our education system is confronted with is the lack of structure within the family, this problem tinkles down from the home, and infects the entire education process. Unfortunately, not only does it affect our children, it also affects the teachers, which influences their desire to teach.   There are many children in our schools who are eager to learn and have the right to a decent, free education, yet they are unrecognized due to the focus place on negative behavior. Millions of dollars have been spent on special needs schools, strictly to accommodate children who are unwilling to follow the rules within the system.  However, the focus should be on the children who fit into the flow of the education process.  Our schools have to instill strict mandatory instruction, as it is in life. When you break rules, there are consequences. The school system has got to be made available to children who want to learn. School and education is a great privilege, yet it is looked at as a demand, which leaves room for choice. Public education should always be available, but only when students are willing to learn. There has to be a strong change implemented within the school system this, is the only way change can take place.