While we often here complaints about the many delinquent and criminal activities youths in the inner city are accused of or involved in. We very seldomly hear about the positive things that help to encourage our children to stay off the streets and to become leaders and successful citizens in the world. For many people including many adults, music has been the gateway to expressing ones emotions and feelings. How many youths do you know, that are mutil-talented through art forms but because they have nothing to do, they waste their time away smoking, drinking ,engaging in sex, and other criminal activities?

Youth Entertainment Studios is a program set-up to allow inner city youth to express themselves through music, dance and film. The program travels nationally and globally allowing for youth to build and connect with others around the world who are struggle with some of the same realities they struggle with. Yet, instead of continuing on the cycle of those struggles, they are finding positive outlets that allow them to release those energies.

 I feel like if there were more programs created for purposes like this, may the teen pregnancy or jail rate would decrease instead of increase!