The idea of “ambient intimacy” is a term that before reading this article I would have had no interest in, yet alone been able to understand. However, this idea in my opinion is more than just posting updates about what you are doing or how you are feeling. This idea of “ambient imtimacy”has changed for me in particular, the way I view social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr. No longer do I just have to I network and connect with only those people who I know on a personal level. I can now connect and network with people who may be miles away from me or even someone close to me, who happen to have some of the same interests I have who I might have never connected with had it not been for Facebook or Twitter. As a teacher especially, this is a tool that will become very useful to me in the future specifically when it comes to things like conferences and lesson planning. When in doubt I can always tweet or facebook someone who may have the answers or solutions to my issues or concerns.

Yet, as teachers I think that just as important as it becomes for us to acknowledge how powerful these networks can be we should also be mindful that some of these same networks our children are using. And while it is encouraged to become a part of this “new technology”, things like face-to-face interaction should never be taken for granted.