I am new blogger. To say that my technological skills are lacking is an understatement of fact. I admit that if it were not for a class, I would not have joined the writing space community at WordPress. While I am more than willing to learn, my learning curve seems incredibly high and my patience is waning.

In her book, Using Blogs to Enhance Literacy, author Diane Penrod offers five basic reasons for blogging:

1. They are easy to publish.
2. They mix pleasure with information.
3. Blogging is a malleable writing genre.
4. They allow writers to generate new personas and construct new worlds.
5. Blogs empower those that are often marginalized in society.

I find the five reasons to blog very exciting. In terms of blogs mixing pleasure with information, Penrod goes on to say that “When a blog functions at its peak, several elements are at work to encourage writers to play, to be creative, and to continue blogging:

There is a clear reason.
There is immediate feedback.
There is a balance between challenge and skill.
There is focused concentration.
There are limited distractions.
There is no fear of failure.
There is little to know self-consciousness.
There is time distortion.
There is an increase in autotelic behavior. (Bloggers blog just for the sake of blogging).”

It is clear to me that my blog is not yet functioning at its peak. The problem seems to center around mixing pleasure with information. I do not yet find the blogging process fun and I have a high fear of failure. I am experiencing great self-consciousness and I do not yet enjoy the act of blogging for the sake of blogging.

The greatest challenge seems to be the time intensive nature of blogging. Perhaps it is because my desire to blog is not yet organic. Perhaps it is because I have not yet found a subject that I am passionate enough to freely blog about. Perhaps it is because my skill level and the challenge of blogging are not yet balanced. Whatever it is, I only know that it takes an incredibly long time to blog-so long in fact, that I find myself losing focus.

The good news is that I believe what Ms. Penrod says about five reasons for blogging. Given that belief and my desire to challenge myself so that I can discover new ways to engage and challenge my students, I will continue to blog so that I reach my blogging peak. Perhaps then I will experience blogging as an autotelic behavior and blog for the sake of blogging.