This is a great simple website that discusses various ways for parents to get involved and help decrease the achievement gap that is present in urban schools. The site offers the following ways to help decrease the achievement gap: parental involvment, before & after school programs, data modeling & reporting, and community adopting a school.  I strongly believe that parental involvement can play a key role in a student’s academic success. If parents can not or will not become involved, it is very neccessary to find a struggling student positive role models.  The site provides a tab for getting informed on the achievement gab. The information under this tab is great. It provides numerous ways for families to get informed and provides tips on what to do to together as a family to help their children in school. The involement tab provides resource links and tips that parents can do to to personally ensure that their child(ren) are getting the support they need.

Even though this site was designed for a certain school district, I think it can be used as a general site for all urban and inner city schools that suffer from achievement gaps. This site is easy to navigate and uses stright forward language. This is a definate muct look site for educators who need resources to provide parents on how to get involved with their child(ren) education with no sugar-coating.