For many especially students and teachers, the summer is a time to relax from a 10-month school year and to being to enjoy things like your family, friends and theme parks. However, as we transition our children into the summer months the problem becomes, Will the students stay consistent with learning now that there is no school for two months?  

While things like staying consistent with schooling all year round are important, the problem is that schooling throughout the summer months are not always accessible to students and even when it is there must be an avenue through which the students can learn, particularly textbooks. I believe when children are given an opportunity to learn, the possibilities of what they can achieve become endless. Although, the student’s achievement within the Newark school district is nowhere compared to the achievement levels of other schools in that area including places like Westfield and Union, the Newark school district is attempting to push for change. The idea to allocate additional money for student summer reading books during the summer months that will “help prepare them for college-level work and also foster a lifelong love of reading,” not only helps the students but will also helps to better the community. A community that is long overdue for both economic and educational change.