I feel one of the most serious problems our education system is confronted with is the lack of structure within the family, this problem tinkles down from the home, and infects the entire education process. Unfortunately, not only does it affect our children, it also affects the teachers, which influences their desire to teach.   There are many children in our schools who are eager to learn and have the right to a decent, free education, yet they are unrecognized due to the focus place on negative behavior. Millions of dollars have been spent on special needs schools, strictly to accommodate children who are unwilling to follow the rules within the system.  However, the focus should be on the children who fit into the flow of the education process.  Our schools have to instill strict mandatory instruction, as it is in life. When you break rules, there are consequences. The school system has got to be made available to children who want to learn. School and education is a great privilege, yet it is looked at as a demand, which leaves room for choice. Public education should always be available, but only when students are willing to learn. There has to be a strong change implemented within the school system this, is the only way change can take place.