Part 3



Three writing spaces


  • E-mail
  • Rough draft
  • Microsoft word




Technology has changed since the 18th and 19th century. The 21st century has improved a great deal on technology since the pencil. The computer world has taken over and is trying to make writing with the pencil extinct.  The e-mail is a great technology, you can write someone in China and they will receive the e-mail in a matter of minutes, you can also receive a response back in minutes as well. Writing has taking a new approach because of the computer and different software. On the computer there is a software called Microsoft Word, which has a lot of new writing technique that helps writers take short cuts. In Microsoft Word you can cut and paste and erase without seeing the mistake.  Also in Microsoft Word you can change your font size and page setup.  On the other hand before you type your final paper, you can write a rough draft.  A rough draft helps you think of ideals and subtitles to organize your paper.  It also can help you to outline the paper for better organization and keep your paper flowing in chorological order.  According to J.D. Bolter all these are consider refashioning remediation that occurs when technology has advanced.