In the inner city schools there are teachers that have to deal with multicultural issues. The teachers themselves have to be educated on different cultural background knowledge and then they have to educate their students. Multicultural education and school reform is a process of comprehensive school reform and basic education for all students. This is a challenge that affects everyone. There are at least seven characteristic of multicultural education such as: antiracist education, basic education, and social justice, just to name a few. This helps students and teachers to be ant discriminatory toward each other.  In the inner city school being antiracist and discriminatory means being mindful of how students are being treated.  Diversity is important to everyone and it shows the students that their culture matters. There is racism and discrimination polices in the school system for the protection of students. Everyone deserves an equal and fair education. However, in the inner city school system there has been a miscommunication or misunderstanding on equality, because the inner city school does not receive equal education. This has been the argument and controversy for years on this issue.