The world of technology and its effects are definitely interesting, especially when we think about what effects they will have on future teachers and future students. The creation of links, HTTP’s, URI’s and HTML’s have really begun to allow people to come into a world that allows for communication and network in the blink of any eye. A world that just 20 years ago did not exist.

I think what is also interesting to note is that technology not only allows for us access to places and people through communication and networking. Technology has also become a means for us to express ourselves through media and images.

Yet, what is often neglected on behalf  of some many who have power, governments, its officials and the like, is the lack of emphasis put on how to make things such as laptops and distance learning accessible not just to the elite, but to all people.

For all the purposes that technology serves, according to Cynthia Selfe’s article, Literacy and Technology Linked: The National Project to Expand Technological Literacy “Computers continue to be distributed differentially along the related axes of race and socioeconomic status.”

As a result, the children who seem to be affected the most happen to be students who live in impoverished cities and those students who are minorities.  While I do not believe that “pointing the finger” in any way solves the problem, I do believe that what should happen is that people to begin to really take a good look into reality. Not just their realities, but they should begin to really look at the realities of people who are face with disadvantages daily.

                Technology in my opinion is something that can and are really open doors for many people. However, if one has no door to go through then what use is the door being open?